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Ceramic Coating And Tinting For Residential Windows: Why You Might Want It

Ceramic coatings have been used on all kinds of vehicles, from cars to boats to planes. There are several good reasons why these vehicles benefit from ceramic coatings, but would these coatings work on residential windows? More to the point, could you get your home's windows both tinted and coated with the ceramic coating? Here are those answers, along with why you might actually want to do this to your home's windows. 

Yes It Works on Residential Windows, and Yes, You Can Get Tinting and Ceramic Coating Together

Window tinting films provide vehicle owners and homeowners with lots of options for keeping sun and/or heat out of a space. Ceramic coatings protect the windows from a number of potentially damaging things, so combining it with a tint gives your windows some major protection against a lot of things. You will, however, have to special order your windows to be dipped at a factory, or have a window installation expert "paint" these coatings onto the glass either just prior to installation or just after your new windows have been installed. There is also a two step process that tints the windows on the inside of your home while ceramic coating the same glass on the reverse side outside of your home. Your window installation expert can walk you through all available options. 

Why You Might Want Both

Ceramic coating glass protects it against scratches, chips, and small dings. When glass with aceramic pro coating completely breaks, the whole of the pane of glass stays together and does not break apart or fall all over the ground or inside your home. Nothing light that hits it, such as a small piece of gravel no bigger than a quarter, and cutting implements, like a knife or scissors, is going to harm the glass with the ceramic coating on it. You will see no damage because the coating is akin to applying a shield to the glass. 

The tinting provides another layer of protection to the glass. It prevents UV rays from seeping through the glass and bleaching everything inside your home. It also stops sunlight from building up too much heat in your home. Between the ceramic coating keeping the glass in mint condition, and the tinting preventing sun damage to everything you own and preventing excess heat in your home, you have the perfect set of coatings applied to your home's windows.