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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Using Hand-Dyed Crafting Yarn

If you are ready to purchase your first skein of hand-dyed yarn, you may feel a little bit apprehensive. Knowing what mistakes to avoid when working with hand-dyed yarn will give you the confidence you need to get started on your first project.  

(1) Not purchasing enough yarn

There is nothing quite as frustrating as getting halfway through your crafting project to find you are running low on yarn. Even when you follow the most accurate directions, the tightness of a stitch or stitching technique varies between individuals and may lead to more or less yarn being used. Dye lot colors can also change from batch to batch, so purchasing at least one extra skein of yarn is best to maintain consistency in a project.

If you are concerned about spending the extra money on a skein of yarn you may not need, talk to your yarn shop owner to see if they have a policy that allows you to return unused skeins for a refund or exchange. Many yarn shops will be happy to work with you.

(2) Problems with yarn pooling

Pooling can occur in hand-dyed yarn projects and can affect the appearance of a project. This is especially noticeable in clothing or large projects, such as an afghan. Since the yarn is dyed in hanks, it can cause a repetitious color pattern as you knit or crochet an item.

Fortunately, you can avoid a rhythmic color pattern by alternating skeins of yarn as you work on your project. For instance, select two or three skeins of hand-dyed yarn and alternate skeins as you complete each row. This will help you avoid ending up with unsightly color stacking repetitions that may sometimes be a problem.

(3) Being a perfectionist

Hand-dyed yarn is often seen as a luxury item with its rich beauty and cost. You want your finished piece to be as lovely as the yarn itself but may worry about messing up. That does not mean you cannot enjoy the process.

Accept the fact that no project is going to be perfect. Savor the process of working with such beautiful yarn and enjoy how it feels in your hand as you work with it. Minor flaws and imperfections only add to the authentic beauty of the piece.

If you have never worked with hand-dyed crafting yarn, you will feel more confident when you know what mistakes to avoid. With its lush finish and beautiful colors, hand-dyed yarn is a great choice for making wearable items, as well as decorative pieces. For more information about finding hand-dyed crafting yarn for sale, contact a local seller.